World Clover is a real estate brokerage company that focuses on finding properties and providing support to foreigners living in the Tokyo area. We have extensive experience in finding apartments and can communicate in four different languages, English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. We know finding nice properties as a foreigner in Japan can be difficult, but we make it easy by handling the process for you. From finding properties that meet your preferences, to helping you furnish your property, and even providing support to you in helping you set up your utilities. We help you from start to finish! Even if you live overseas, we can find you a property that suits you perfectly and have the process completed, so that when you arrive your apartment will be ready for you. Whether your a student looking for a furnished apartment for 1 year or a family of 4 looking for a large apartment and need support in furnishing the property, please feel free to contact us and we will help you!
Furthermore, we do not just provide you help for moving in, we also provide support for moving out.