We are a brokerage company based in Tokyo that specializes in finding real estate properties for foreigners. We offer properties for both renting as well as for buying in Tokyo and the surrounding areas.

Think about what kind of apartment and layout (1K, 2LDK, etc.) you want, the areas you want to live in/where you will be working, the max distance from the nearest station, the budget for rent and any other preferences you think we should know.
Then, contact us with your request and we will start introducing properties to you based on your preferences.
After that, you can select the properties you are interested in and we can schedule a viewing.

The first number is the number of bedrooms, 1-2-3-4 etc., L is living area, D is dining area, and K is kitchen. Thus, 1LDK means 1 bedroom with a living area, dining area, and kitchen. Not all properties have a LDK though, some may say 1K or 1DK, especially in big cities like Tokyo and Osaka. 1K being 1 bedroom with a kitchen and 1DK being one bedroom with a kitchen and dining area. There are also a few properties that are 1R, this means that there is only one large room that will serve as your bedroom and kitchen (like a studio apartment). The kitchens in these apartments are usually quite small, so if you love cooking, this type of apartment will limit you. And finally, there are some apartments that may have “S” in them, like 1SLDK. This “S” stands for service room (some may refer to it as a storage room), though it could be used as a free room as they can vary widely in size. These types of rooms could be a small walk-in closet, to the size of a small bedroom. In the latter case, a 1SLDK could also be viewed as a 2LDK.

Absolutely! Contact us before coming to Japan so that we can shorten the process that it will take to get an apartment.

Depends, for long-term housing options it can be a little difficult, as you are required to have a foreigner residence card and you cannot get one until you have already arrived in Japan. You will also need to have a bank account and a Japanese phone number (both of which we can help you with). It is best to expect that you will need to stay at a hotel for a few days before moving in. However, if you are already in Japan and have these things, then the process is obviously much faster. For short-term housing or monthly contracts, then yes, you normally can move in on the same day of signing the contract and paying the fees.

This is dependent on the landlord, but in most cases yes. However, even in cases where you do need a guarantor, you will likely be asked to use a guarantee company. For foreigners, expect the price to be about 100% of the monthly rent for the first year, then ¥10,000 from the second year and beyond. However, this varies by company and we will let you know more depending on the apartment you pick.

Depends on the apartment. We can show you furnished or unfurnished apartments depending on your need. But do keep in mind that furnished properties tend to run a higher price, as you are paying for the convenience of not having to furnish the place yourself.

Like the previous question, it depends on the apartment. We can find you pet friendly apartments if you are interested, though keep in mind that they usually require an extra deposit.

Yes! We can help you with a number of things, including setting up a bank account, getting a Japanese phone number, helping you furnish your apartment, setting up utilities, or even helping you move out by helping you cancel your utilities or calling the local government office to dispose of your large items. Feel free to reach out to us for support!

We currently support Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean. Most of our clients communicate with us in English, but you are free to communicate in those other languages too if you prefer.